Paisley Fabric Panels Tan/Purple


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These limited edition fabric panels are perfect for pullovers, tanks and simple skirts.
Made from 100% pre-washed cotton, the needle-ready lightweight fabric has approximately 25% stretch cross-grain. Each Panel measures 27″ high by 56″ wide.

The pullover will need 2 panels, the tank will need 1 panel.
The price listed is per panel.

The pullover shown is Great Copy #2840 Charlotte Dress and Tunic, Great Copy #2550 Savannah Tee can also be used.
The tank is Great Copy #2690 Rio Tank, Tunic and Dress.

The Tan/Purple blends with Gutterman colors 505 and 926.

Pattern alterations: The neckline was raised to take advantage of the stunning print. For best results, use a narrow neckband or French Trim. See Knits for the Absolutely Terrified for French Trim instructions.

Click Here for Blue Panels

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