Total Wind Block 3 yard Pre-Cut


3 Yard pre-cut of Total Wind blocking Polartec in Teal



Windblocking fleece is a must-have when battling the elements. These original Polartec fabrics have many high-tech properties that will serve you for years.

This 3 yard cut will make The Manchester Jacket with Hood n Ex-Sm to Med, and the Sierra Jacket with hood and Denali Vest.

This fabric block 100% of the wind at the same time they are moisture wicking keeping you dry during strenuous activities. Water repellent finish adds to its wear ability. The superior abrasion resistance aiding garment longevity.

Choose from one of the following colors. See images for colors. Each monitor is a little different. Listed are the Gutterman thread colors that coordinate.

Total WindBlock with Grid inside – Abrasion Resistant, Water repellent
56” wide
Surface Matches Gutterman #636 Inside Matches Gutterman 236

Proper care will ensure that your Polartec® garments and accessories
last for years.
• Turn garments and accessories inside out.
• Powdered detergent is best. Liquid detergent (including pods) penetrate the fibers so deeply that it does not rinse out completely.
• No Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets. These are detrimental to the Durable Water Repellent Finish (DWR).
• Line drying is preferred. If machine drying is needed, only use low or no heat and no more than 10 minutes.

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